CSS Variables

So finally we have variables in CSS. The spec was written by Daniel Glazman and David Hyatt and WebKit has already implemented it.

Adding variables to CSS has probably been one of the most requested features. And although some people still seem to be against the whole idea, now we finally have them implemented.

Of course you can now wonder of how long it would take for IE to finally implement it. Given that IE8 already passes Acid2, then maybe it won't even be that long to wait, but even after that you still have to wait for years for all the older browser version to fall out of mainstream use.

But this doesn't really bother me that much, because at the meantime we can implement CSS variables on the server side, like some have already done. Of course, this was already possible and done with all kinds of different ways like mixing CSS with PHP or coming up with some nifty new CSS syntax. But the pile of all those different approaches was a big mess - now there is a standard, that everyone can implement. Even better: once CSS variables are available in your browser of choice, you can easily do most of your development without having server-side transformation of your CSS files, and only use the help of scripts when testing in older browsers and when finally releasing to the public.

I at least, welcome CSS variables.

Kirjutatud 5. juulil 2008.


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